Thursday, November 28, 2019

A muscly bonus for keen workers

Gym addicts like me might often wonder if the early morning dedication really is worth the early alarm, the getting out from under while it’s still dark and the
rest of the neighbourhood sleeps.
Added to that is the temperature – predicted to be freezing in the morning – which means a considerable freshen-up as I cycle the ten minutes to my 90-minute madness, er, exercising.
I’ve attended the same gym for the last ten years.
It’s changed hands more than once with the offered equipment changing, too, thanks to different approaches to what’s best for adults who seek a healthy life.

Rowing machines

Once there were four rowing machines, one of which was a magical ‘water rower’. The number fell to one basic machine and now, under the present administration, there are two.
It’s a natural machine for a yachtsman, of course, (and a professional mariner as I was) even though the desire is to stay with the vessel rather than take to the briny with oars.
I did have to do that, though, when the yacht I was sailing in a Guinness Book of Records bid turned over in a South Atlantic storm.
It’s very interesting to see other oldies come and go at the gym. A few remain dedicated, too, but many do seemingly suddenly feel their age and abandon what perhaps oughtn’t be abandoned.
For instance, an article from Healthline dot com reminds us that including gym practice in a lifestyle is really important.  Continues on the blogs for my ocean adventuring book, Sailing to Purgatory, at


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