Thursday, July 25, 2019

Distress and drama: perfect for dieting

As promised and just a few days late, here is my guide for painless yet strict dieting, for giving up eating pleasures you’ve known since, well, for a long time.
Of course, it just might be the setting and unusual dramas all packed together
that makes for success.
For instance, trying it at home with the larder packed with delights might not be ideal.
The State gave me that advantage. It was some hours earlier that I had a very pleasant breakfast at home with daughter Emily and my fiancée, a gifted piano recitalist who I loved dearly.

Wonderful company

If the diet that began in a few hours was to be tried in that wonderful company and at home, success is bound to have been unsuccessful.
We three visited dear friends, and would have had lunch with Gerry, a formidable cook and hostess, when again any suggestion of dieting could be forgotten before it began.
As I mentioned, we arrived a minute or two before noon, and within the hour, perhaps 30 minutes, I was in a car being driven to the then Customs HQ in London.
To help the diet get going, circumstance probably assisted.
I had just experienced extreme drama – ambush, taken away from loved ones, and friends, and just about everything in my life that was familiar.
Fortunately, I had not the least idea then that I would not be free again for almost 3,000 days, eight years and a fortnight.

Never see the familiar again

I would never see my fiancée again, would see Emily just once more, never see my home, nor car, nor yacht ever again. In fact, just about all that was familiar. … Continues on the blogs for my ocean adventuring book, Sailing to Purgatory, at


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