Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Capuccino, anyone?

 We've become such a coffee-mad society, and madly happy to shell out such an amount for a coffee compared to the price our neighbours in Europe hand across, the moment I saw my poet friend Roberto's latest verse, I knew I
It seems to have become so fashionable these days to invite friends to meet at a Costa, or similar place.
Not so long ago, the first spot for such an invitation might have been the local pub, or perhaps at a restaurant.
Now it seems de rigeur to make a coffee cafe the first choice.

A visit to Italy

 Talented Roberto recalls a visit to Italy where, as we know, the coffee is a much more realistic price, and often seems tastier.
The verse recalls a visit to that extraordinary country of what one might think of as the originators of the fashionable drink.
Robert's message reads, 'Arrived at Roma Termini railway station, to a bar off the Via del Colosseo, a gladiator's trident throw from the Coliseum.
'Have you ever had a cup of coffee in Rome? If you have not been, I hope you do one day... in fact, it could be a cup of coffee anywhere in Italy, I think.
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