Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Jeanne, 76, becomes the UK's bravest sailor

Brit round-the-world sailor Jeanne Socrates has certainly taken the wind from my sails. I can hardly believe the good 76-year-old has found the
astonishing courage and determination to leave port to return to the sea.
She has forsaken her comfortable nest in Timaru harbour, in New Zealand's South Island, and is back out there in the wild southern South Pacific.
Just picture the scene: The lady, old enough – er, mature enough – to be a great grandmother, has been sailing alone and unaided in the world's most treacherous seas.


This danger-filled outing has not stretched over a long weekend, nor for a short holiday, but for the last 240 days, since 3rd October.
Considerable problems, not surprisingly, caused her to go into a port the other day in the South Island.
Ultra-hospitable locals wanted to ease her bruises, give her a well-deserved rest, and repair the storm-damaged yacht for her.
And yet the lady declined the invitations because it would mar her sailing round-the-world record attempt.

Sea-going ‘madness’

Most people nearby waited for her to give up the sea-going 'madness'. I doubt that anyone felt she could - or should - return to the watery Hell she has endured for the last 34 weeks or so.
Heaven knows how many cakes were baked locally for the moment she called it a day.
Instead, she has sailed out of the harbour and is already well out to sea. Continues on the blogs for my ocean adventuring book, Sailing to Purgatory, at 


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