Thursday, June 06, 2019

What! You want to change your flight plan ...

I learned something today about the profit side of our modern air travel and I wish I hadn't.
As I mentioned the other day, I flew to Cape Town last week.
The internet was not slow to offer a zillion choices, but I settled for a comparatively good offer from Turkish Airlines who I have travelled with often.
While their captains speak probably the world's worst variation of English, they appear to be excellent pilots.
I planned to spend a couple of weeks in the Cape, but the offer stayed the same for longer periods. I thought, 'Well, why not a month?
'Br-x-t must surely be resolved one way or another by then.'

Astounding views

Four weeks might let me knock the current manuscript into shape while enjoying the astounding views that Cape Town offers.
The flight began a couple of days later.
I endured a very long wait at a modern, upmarket Istanbul terminal and managed the old long, long haul across the Med and all the way down the massive lump of Terra Firma which is Africa.
This winter in the Cape is raw, much more so than on previous visits. On an evening walk, I was doused with rain heavier than I have felt anywhere but for the Doldrums.
It continued into the next day and night. The torrents were heavy enough to have worried Noah …
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