Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Who needs scenery, asks the selfie brigade

The most extraordinary change I've seen on many visits over four decades to this most beautiful part of Africa, Cape Town, stared me in the face tonight.
I was enjoying an energetic walk right beside the magnificent South Atlantic and taking in the warmth of the winter sun and the utterly stupendous views.
On one side stands astonishingly high mountains topplingly close to the sea - Table Mountain, and the eccentric jutting Lion's Head, and the lesser peaks that add enormously to the fabulous beauty of the region.
And to your opposite side, the mighty ocean, unbelievably blue, with gorgeous lines of washday white surf.
With such stunning scenery - perhaps the most beautiful and most extraordinary in the world - you'd imagine eyes peering into the phones-come-cameras sweeping from left to right, and back, and dizzily right round.

Click-mad tourists

Click-mad tourists were certainly clicking away quite madly in their droves, seemingly from almost everywhere in the world, even though it is winter here, and Cape Town very far from anywhere.
But the phone-cameras were not swinging from side to side, taking in the extravagant scenery.


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