Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Learning to love our l o n g holiday

ASK FOR A COUPLE OF HOURS off work and it seems you’re asking the boss for a miracle, a more than usually impossible miracle.
Suddenly, we’re told to take not just a couple of hours off ...
... but to make it a couple of weeks if not months, which might even be a couple of years for those of us who live long enough.

Time off

How odd that unions never thought of something as simple as a plague to score a bit of extra time off for workers.
Nature herself is doing just that for us, with a little added surprise about the length of the break.
Our glorious leaders were initially talking of a month off. How quickly that slid into the plural with – at least so we are told – no-one able to say exactly how long this unexpected holiday might last…

What are we to do?

We’re so used to doing at least eight hours a day, what on earth are we to do with 24 hours a day, every day?
The dictate is do whatever you want to. Society isn’t good at that….
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