Monday, January 06, 2020

Where to go on holiday? Robert knows

IT ISN'T ODD and rather extraordinary just how adaptable we are, whether it involves our work or play, or even love and companionship. Take holidays, for instance.
No time ago, it seems, when the subject of holidays came up in the household, we already had a good idea about where we wanted to go.
The notion was often influenced by friends talking about their experiences.
Sometimes we might have reached for a map of Europe, or scanned Thomas Cook brochures, or perhaps recalled a programme we had seen on the box.
These days it's different. About 99% of us rely on the self-same source, the internet.
We know that the search engine will aim us at companies planning to get rich from our holiday desires.
And we really do know that before we begin. I mean, we are only too aware that the temptations aimed our way come with a price (which we'll pay) and perhaps a bit of deception.

Too good to be true

Even when many of the promises sound too good to be true and for a very good reason, we click our agreement.
Our odd desire to explore the world via commercialism is certainly not lost on poet Robert Graham who remembers that for wonderful sights to see we don't really have to step further than our gardens, be they big or small.
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