Thursday, May 02, 2019

Hush! Strange goings on at the top of the tree

Why is the mysterious journalist who holds seemingly such a star role in the sacked defence minister scandal never invited onto the stage?
Have we, or have we not, been treated to unending speechifying by various government names,
including I seem to recall, the alleged spy himself, Gavin Williamson.
We’ve been hearing how the guilty/not guilty politician (perhaps it’s ex-politician) Mr Williamson strenuously denies being the source of the leak.
We haven’t heard the voice of the, er, lady PM talk about her angry sacking of the fellow, but her Downing Street heavies have certainly been adding to the cacophony.

Suffering public

We, the suffering public, have been told that following an inquiry into the leak which gave the Daily Telegraph its hottest edition for a long time, the Defence Minister was dumped by an irate Madam PM.
Someone, we learn, told the Daily Telegraph of the support of Madam herself for the Chinese company Huawei’s involvement with UK's 5G network. A sort of enquiry followed which reckoned that Williamson was the informant. He doesn’t hold his hand up to that, quite the reverse, and her ladyship, probably still quite hoarse from the unending debates over brexit, dashed off a vitriolic letter.
 Downing Street reckons that’s all there is to say: Subject closed.

Oh, that sacred word

Only, isn’t there a witness who might offer an opinion?
I gave up my senior journalist role in favour of a professional life afloat, and that an awful lot of sea miles ago. However, I will never forget the haranguing a number of we new junior reporters endured over the sacred word, confidence.
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