Thursday, April 18, 2019

Strange! But at least it's a break for the better

I listened to the host's version of Julian Assange's forced eviction from about seven years self-imprisonment with considerable interest this week.
What a refreshing break from the non-news of the constant not-getting-anywhere brexit non-negotiations, I thought.
And how extraordinary to actually survive locked in one room for seven years.
I spent eight years and fourteen days in prison after a totally corrupt prosecution and I seem to remember every one of those 2,934 days and nights.

Ill-luck and outrage

However, that was far from self-imposed. In fact, even a minute or two before it began, in an ambush at a friend's home, I had not the least idea that such astonishing ill-luck and outrage was about to happen, or could happen.
However, in Mr Assange's case, the news is that he entered the Ecuador embassy in London voluntarily seeking asylum. That was seven years ago, and it seems he lived/survived in one office room for all of that time.
At least the law ensured that I was allowed out into fresh air for an hour a day, and had access to a gym, and often to a library, and to university study, and even work (£5 a week, to begin with).
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