Thursday, April 25, 2019

When living a dog's life really was

A video sent via WhatsApp shows a dog licking a baby, and winning amused approval from the mother.
The video came from a medic friend, but not sent in a mood of concern about hygiene, and shock-whatever next, but because of a wonderful affinity it shows between mankind’s best friend and the newest humans.
If we don’t dwell on the risks, the meat-tearing teeth, the canine tongue, nor where the tongue might recently have visited, the video is cute, sweet, even endearing.
But it also revealed that I must be getting long in the tooth.

What's the dog thinking?

It brought a reminder that lessons from childhood are seldom forgotten.
As we know from life and see constantly as a weapon of religion, give a dog a bad name
We can guess what a mother looking on might fear, but how interesting to know what passes through a dog's mind at such playful moments.
And that's particularly so in Britain because so many share human lives, where they are often treated more like humans than many humans. But also, lest we forget, a few do savage our species.
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