Tuesday, February 19, 2019

A real advantage of sailing the Roaring Forties

Poor old (obviously not old) round-the-world yachtie Jeanne Socrates (76) sails into her 139th day down in the notorious Roaring Forties and may well be suffering for want of news about Br-x-t.
How sad, but life down there does have its brightish side because very unusually, the lucky and
plucky gal keeps running into a succession of friendly light winds in that tempestuous part of the world.
Who says Nature doesn’t side with our species' (allegedly) gentler gender.
In her log on board the yacht, Nereida, yesterday, Jeanne recorded, ‘Wind fairly light, making boat speed of minus three knots.


'Back to slow progress as we get into yet another High system.’
Placid conditions like that are very unusual as I certainly found on my circumnavigation when Spirit of Pentax was knocked right over in huge seas very close to Jeanne’s current position.
For her, that historic path round Earth is rather gentler than the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric agency’s description of the Roaring Forties as 'one of the most treacherous sailing passages in the world.’
Even more blessed, lucky and plucky Jeanne, from Lymington, doesn’t have to endure day after day the almost endless news squalls of
     * Br-x-t,
    * nor grim news of the economy,
     * nor of departing industry in the face of us leaving Europe,
    * not splits in a squabbling Labour Party,
    * nor the saner news of our society with Vince Cable pointing out that the majority of Brits do want to remain part of Europe, which thanks to our, er, glorious leaders will be ignored.

That really bazaar news

Plus, of course, that really bazaar entry into the news of the seemingly unrepentant modern-day terrorist’s moll who wants to enjoy English life again.
Thanks to the long reach of the Beeb, of course Jeanne doesn’t have to miss out on the joy of our news. … Continues on the blogs for my ocean adventuring book, Sailing to Purgatory, athttp://sailingtopurgatory.com/index.php/feeds/351-a-real-advantage-of-sailing-the-roaring-forties


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