Thursday, February 14, 2019

Determined Jeanne shuns temptation

That round-the-world phenomenon, Jeanne Socrates, continues her voyage in the Roaring Forties proving she is a strong-minded gal at 76, even if no-one really doubted it.
Singlehanded, Jeanne, single-minded Jeanne, over the last few days has been facing one of the toughest human challenges for round-the-world sailors.
She rounded Cape Horn on her very unusual journey from the Pacific coast of the US, came close to the coast of the Falkland Islands before making some northing to return to less challenging seas.
And she has continued crossing from the South American side of the South Atlantic towards the African side.

Famous for hospitality

It was here - it is here - that Cape Town lies, a city famous for its wonderful hospitality for yachtsman, especially for singlehanded sailors. Jeanne knows for she visited the port for repairs a few years ago on another circumnavigation and spent rather longer onshore than intended.
Cape Town is that sort of place. The people there know how to make sailors welcome. They certainly know how to make a challenge of getting back out into the wild and perilous Southern Ocean.
It seemed very likely indeed that after 133 days at sea, Jeanne would be ready to put her feet up, to enjoy the Cape's famous red wine, and intoxicating company.
However, determined lady that she must be, Jeanne has not taken a left, not turned to the port side, towards that famous city.

Not a word about it

Perhaps helping to keep temptation away, her logbook contains no reference to the closeness of the companionable Cape...
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