Saturday, February 09, 2019

Robert has the answer for winter woes

Talented friend, Robert Graham, has a new poem which I've just uploaded to his website. It's feels as important to wintry life as Vitamin C, and this gifted poet is offering exactly the right dosage just when we need it.
Winter! January can leave you feeling so drab, but along comes February and just when it seems winter will never end, a few bulbs bow their way into our consciousness.
I was to meet up with another friend, Zsolt, today in a pleasant cafe that offers a very welcome coffee.
Plenty of time said the BBC forecast to cycle to Kew Bridge to Cafe Rouge, or to walk there beside that historic river before London is, er, blessed with another night of wretched wintry downpouring.


And yet it couldn't have been more inaccurate. As I was about to leave, the heavens opened up. No sense in getting soaked again this week.
Robert's poem arrived in the inbox this evening and somehow took away much of the wintry mood. It was a pleasure to code it and get the encouraging words onto healing gardens dot click
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