Thursday, December 20, 2018

Jeanne's done it! She passes Cape Horn

That courageous, never-say-die 76-year-old has done it, Jeanne Socrates and her yacht, Nereida, have passed notorious Cape Horn in her mission to be oldest woman to sail solo nonstop unassisted around the world , and the first woman to sail like that around the world from North America.
She writes, 'Cape Horn passed, at last! Now for Good Hope...
'Wednesday 12.30am: Cape Horn light seen flashing on the grey mound. That is Cape Horn on Isla Hornos - nine miles off to the North-east.
'Seas have got up a bit with increased wind. Appropriate, I feel!' Jeanne reports.

A bright moon

'Moon shining brightly between a few clouds. Still a lot of light in the western sky.
'Can't relax until well past the Cape,' she writes in her blog transmitted to her UK base.
'Thanks to so many of you who have sent good wishes for a safe passage past Cape Horn.'
Jean says, 'Now making for east of Staten Island and will then head west of the shallow Burdwood Bank - with big swells expected.

South of the Falklands

'I'm hoping not to get too much swell inshore of it. Then south of the Falklands, passed East Falkland, heading finally NE, aiming to get further from and on the North side of the many strong weather systems down here.
'We made 133 nautical miles over the last 24 hours.'
Jeanne reports that she has sailed almost 8,000 nautical miles since leaving Victoria, British Columbia. Continues on the blogs for my ocean adventuring book, Sailing to Purgatory, at


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