Monday, November 26, 2018

The strict safety first culture up there at 35,000-ft

Gifted flyer Aaron Rodgers has been telling us about life as an Air New Zealand pilot on Boeing 777s way up there … 
Now back to the earlier question, 'Do passengers still applaud the pilots after landing?' Well, the answer is no - except maybe after a particularly hairy
landing into Wellington Airport on a gusty day.

Perhaps the real question is 'why not?'
With some exceptions, most modern airlines in the world today operate new modern aircraft.

Vital training

Most developed nations have pilots flying these modern aircraft who are trained in a system that engenders a Safety Culture.
Flight deck management practices ensure crews operate in a working environment that has little authority gradient.
The Captain always has the final authority, but pilots work in a space where everyone can speak up without fear of retribution or ridicule.
Pilots are constantly training, practising, and being assessed on emergency procedures in a simulator.

Fear of flying

This Safety Culture, combined with modern aircraft, has created a world where aircraft fatalities are largely relegated to developing nations whose culture has not caught up.
People's fear of flying has diminished and an expectation of arriving in one piece has meant that the humble pilot no longer holds the status of being skilful, courageous and bold!


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