Wednesday, December 12, 2018

At a loss over lost property-

Remember when there were Lost Property offices you could visit on railway stations, back in the days when if you mislaid something there was a good chance of getting it back?
I write this with a heavy heart. I travelled on a train from Clapham Junction to Bromley South today.
Yes, hardly any distance at all. My ancient’s pass meant I didn’t have to buy tickets and that caused me to have no record of which train company provided the service that got me to the Kent station.
On the train, I took out two mobile phones I use abroad, and slipped my GiffGaff sim into each to try to email photos taken abroad to my address for safekeeping.
It seems broadband wasn’t working on the train, and so the effort amounted to a waste of time.
For safekeeping, the two Windows phones were in a little zipped-up bag that came free from an airline on a recent trip away.
Somehow – I really don’t know how – I left the little bag and the two phones on the train.
But which train?
I was in a rush, it’s true, because I was late to meet with a friend. Yet how something so careless could happen … well, I don’t know.
As soon as the considerable shock of the loss hit me, I aimed the PC straight for Lost Property. However, which company to get Google to aim me at to ask about the missing bits? I didn’t have a ticket because I hadn’t needed one. Whose train was it? And here the plot thickens.
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