Tuesday, December 04, 2018

A chance to dream of running away to sea

Sally Erdle must have a great tale to tell for she and her husband were sailing the world, well addicted to the great pleasure of travelling on oceans, and now produce a really excellent sailing magazine.
Sailing, cruising as it's termed, costs, so even when you own your own yacht and have all the gear, an income is still needed to survive.
True, Nature will help. Sail the right areas of the world and fresh flying fish are often offered for breakfast – for free.

Free food

Many fish out there seem only too happy to leap onto the nearest fish hook, but as with flying fish lying on deck, the free produce needs cooking.
Cooking needs fuel … and fuel costs.
I don't know Sally's history but admiration lets me guess one for her.
She and her man cruised extensively, anchored on the gorgeous island of Anguilla, in the Caribbean, and not so surprisingly fell in love with it. What to do for a living? What about promoting their chosen sport with a magazine?
I referred yesterday to a not-so-dissimilar aspiration when a brother began a Sunday newspaper, back in those ancient days before the internet and its techie possibilities.
Back then, we needed traditional printing for the newspaper and printing is pricey, and it finally killed the project.

Lucky Sally's plan

Lucky Sally's plan coincided with internet and tech possibilities. With a computer, they could write, edit, and layout a magazine, and never know the crippling costs of printing.
They offer their creative work online and as word spreads, people arrive at the site and download the magazine. More and more like what they see – especially as it is for free. No PayPal or credit cards, and passwords …. Continues on the blogs for my ocean sailing adventure book, Sailing to Purgatory, at SailingToPurgatory.com


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