Thursday, April 09, 2020

If today's news was fiction, would it get published?

A PUBLISHING HOUSE EMAILS YOU offering fat royalties for a novel about conquering the world in a new way, with no military force and without firing a
shot, without launching a missile, nor airstriking any world leader.
 The editors propose a very different sci-fi tale about – believe it or not – a mysterious engineered illness that conquers not just a nation but most of the world and it does it in a few short months.
 Until this year, you’d be forgiven for scratching your head as you wondered how a story like that could unfurl, and what the editors had been drinking over lunch.

Test tubes

 If it’s 2018, where would you begin?
 Perhaps we’ll despatch a few 007s with test tubes brimming over with a mysterious superbug.
 Perhaps it’ll be the larvae of the most dangerous type of mosquito mated with fleas, or cockroaches, or wasps.

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