Sunday, February 25, 2018

Critic: 'The stardom bed price is not acceptable'

Generalisations can be dangerous, I know, and I've carelessly adopted that old adage, methinks she protests too much.
But - really! - to hear day after day the vociferous moans to the media by gals who imagine themselves as film stars, wanting to enjoy the ego-trip of all time, the admiration, adulation and wealth reserved only for so very few, and yet balking at the price of entry.
I get the impression that they want to get into the glitzy, glamorous paradise, but can't escape Mummy's advice.
It seems to me that if a man is in a position to offer a virtual Paradise on earth - as the aspiring starlets would see it - why wouldn't the blessed girls be happy to pay such an easy price - no credit card needed, no gold bars, no smuggled South African jewels.
It's just what the kids in class tried for often enough, or not often enough depending on the circumstances.
However, a reader of the Sailing to Purgatory website articles - the blogs - sees it another way.

The scandal

Admittedly, from what the reader tells me, he has certainly looked into the publicity surrounding the scandal much more interestedly than your scribe.
Harry Kane of Ealing writes, 'We all agree that monsters exist, we do not have to imagine a beast, it is just people with narcissistic/psychopathic tendencies, who somehow get into a position of control.
'Is it normal or acceptable that the director in the news demanded bedroom action from actresses, otherwise he would black-list them? This has been confirmed by others in a position to know.
'Was it normal for Jimmy Savile to get it from teen schoolgirls he took for a ride in his Rolls?

Sex the price

Is it ok for school teachers and priests to make sex the price for knowledge?
'Is it that once the victim is an adult, then it's ok? In that case, the boss can get it as the reward for his position of power, the producer from his ability to make the actress a star, the Russian soldier brandishing a gun.
'I do not have daughters (but my cousins do), and I want a civilised world for them. ...Continues on the blogs for my sailing adventure story, Sailing to Purgatory, at


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