Monday, February 05, 2018

Why is Spring late? Poet Robert knows why

Forgive Britons if you see their long faces in the miserable weather as we wait very impatiently for Spring, which - as you'll hear on the tube, in the buses, and on the rush-hour trains - is LATE!
Why? 'Brexit and the anti-Europeans pushing for it, of course,' you'll hear.
Who could argue with that? However, I'll introduce an expert on matters to do the Spring, the gifted poet Robert Graham.
And Roberto's prediction? Spring's almost here! Look at the gorgeous crocuses. He's put his prediction where his words often go, on his popular website, HealingGardens dot click.
With Roberto's very kind permission, here's his promise of Spring, which (as always) I'll repeat on Facebook and Blogger dot com, to get the good news spread wide.
February crocuses
Between your two boisterous brothers,
January and March - you come,
Silver sister February, wearing earth stars in your hair,
Constellations of crocuses in clown colours,
Meadows, on which we rest our mid-winter heads.
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