Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Chat up lines become the news

How very weird to hear love moans rated as news, and news of such international importance that the spotlight moves away from the subject that can affect much more than egos, perhaps the very lives of millions of people around the world.
I’m thinking of nuclear equipment in the hands of a certain tubby despot, and the irregular blogs of a buffoon who it seems the Russians helped make a ‘chosen’ leader of the most powerful nation on earth.
And all this news of actresses piqued by suggestive promoters, and assistants of politicians half-deafened by the mating cries from their bosses, and charity organisations actually paying prostitutes for sex.
It might have seemed a mite more scandalous had they expected the excitement to be donated.

Paradise waiting in the wings

And while we’re hearing this earth-shaking news we aren’t able to hear much – next to nothing – of the paradise waiting in the wings once we have shucked off the European scroungers!
You’ll remember that the NHS will become the wealthiest health provider in the globe, once we put those Euro pests in their place.
For the common worker, it will seem like heaven because they won’t be competing with the speed and prices of those tradesmen from across the Channel. How happy that will make householders, too.
After all, a happy plumber makes for the happiest payer of their bills (‘Oops, no cheques, just cash. Makes payin’ VAT so much easier, an’ that.’)
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