Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Light persuasion for easy riders

Cycling is certainly the way to go, the best way to get about, particularly in a metropolis the size of my neighbourhood. Not only do we cyclists NOT pay a road tax, we don't feel picked on by police, we are actively helped by authority, and as happened this evening, receive presents, gifts, to help us safely on our way.
Kingston Council's GoCycle team, busy with promoting new cycle lanes throughout the area, tweeted this week that they would help with the long nights of winter by handing out excellent mini LED bike light sets, and plenty of advice.
Free wheeling ... Enthusiasts
from the excellent GoCycle
team out to encourage
cycling and cyclists.
That sounded good. I didn't want to miss out because it might also mean a little poetic justice.
Right outside my regular gym, the council's Highways Department has rebuilt a portion of the road in a sort of artistic brick layout. 
Nice for cars, good on the eyes, but Hell for bike tyres because the join with the 'normal' road surface is jutted.


The other morning, pedalling madly for the gym, the jolt of riding over the raised join, shuddered the bike's headlight off the handlebars. It was crunched under the wheels of the following car. Ug!
It was fresh from its Amazon packaging - a HiHiLL Bike Light at a discounted price of £9.99.
However, stopping at the GoCycle presentation this evening, the loss was set right with a very modern 'Mini LED Light Set', plus some very kind sympathy, lots of good advice, backed up by a neat magazine stocked with great tips for novice and experienced bikers.
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