Sunday, November 05, 2017

Sidelining Brexit with political sex-it

And now a word (or two) that some seemingly tormented political misses might have missed in biology classes back in school. To make a baby, we need a man and a woman to get together.
To get a man and a woman together in the required way, we have to have Attraction. He has to be attracted to her. She has to feel at least some attraction for him, for after all, she is certainly likely to pay, as my blog on the subject, What if dads became mums shows, a very heavy price for extreme pleasure.
To ensure that this mutual attraction happens, good old Nature intertwines certain looks and chemicals in the human system, so girls like boys and boys can be overwhelmed by the closeness and appeal of a woman.
This boost from Nature doesn't attract him to all women, nor all women to all men. For both, a few
will meet the particular programming of his and her system.
All this chemistry and manufacture of attraction was programmed a very long time ago, before even the years when some freakish gorillas broke away from the mob.

The chemistry can't change

The chemistry hasn't changed, and fortunately for our species, can't change. It isn't affected by rules and laws. When quirky g'rillas became humans, they began to set up rules to control the majority. And for the thousands of years since, we've had to obey the rules of our own breed in power - or suffer the consequences.
People, humans, have learned to control disease, have managed to extend their lives often into their late nineties. We're so clever with science, our species isn't made up of a few hundred, perhaps a thousand or so.
As I mention in my sailing/travel/adventure story Sailing to Purgatory, the US Census Bureau then put the world population at a little under seven billion.
Nature's rule-makers would never have conceived a population of that size. After all, Nature had provided more than enough diseases and disorders to ensure contraceptives would never be needed.
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