Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The modern answer to the plague: sleep on it

I LOOK UP ON THIS GORGEOUS SUMMER’S DAY, enjoying the flying antics of a wide variety of birds seeking mates, food, perhaps inspiration, and yet not one
of the shiny big birds of our jet-age world is to be seen.
I live just a few miles from Heathrow and usually fleets of these magnificent machines fly over day and night.
Perhaps I ought to appreciate a possibly positive side of the current household imprisonment.

Cleaner air

I can breathe deeper and enjoy the cleaner air. Yet who could relax in the madness of closing down the world because they – our lords and masters, perhaps – can’t think of an alternative?
Surely it’s close to insanity to shut in, imprison, people in their homes in these politically inspired lockdowns, to change the lifestyle of perhaps almost every one of our species – all 7,800,0000,000 of us.
Doesn’t that one dictate ensure the obesity and unfitness of at least the majority? Continues on my blog site for Sailing to Purgatory, http://sailingtopurgatory.com/index.php/feeds/509-the-modern-answer-to-the-plague-sleep-on-it


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