Thursday, April 23, 2020

Lockdown hits more than just the living

WHO WOULD HAVE IMAGINED that our unimaginative Confined to Barracks government ruling is affecting more than our way of life, and very much of our lives in almost every way, but also those who are no longer living.
It's probably a good bet that cemeteries and their occupants are experiencing fewer visits by relations currently.
 However, the proof I see involves that astonishing memorial for a promising young sportsman beside the ultra-busy A3 near New Malden, just north of Kingston.
 For the first time since the memorial to 22-year-old Joey Evans was erected on pedestrian railings - on the London-bound side near the turn-off for New Malden - following his death in a crash there 15 years ago, the almost daily floral tributes have stopped. …
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