Tuesday, January 28, 2020

How amazing! Sudden praise from a stranger

Isn’t it a real surprise when someone you don’t know compliments you on, say, your clothes, or something you said, or perhaps your good manners in holding a door open for a lady.
But when, suddenly out of the blue, someone takes the trouble to write to you to compliment you on a book you have written, a book that is truly close to your heart, well, what an astonishing joy that is.
It doesn’t happen often, sad to say, but it did this week.
A complete stranger emailed to say he really enjoyed Sailing to Purgatory.
And so much so that he asked if I had enjoyed any success so far in trying to get some justice for the sentence of nineteen years imprisonment, with possessions including my gorgeous yacht and funds forfeited.

Dear Paul Rodgers,
I have just finished reading your book Sailing to Purgatory. I must congratulate you on having written such a gripping read, a real page-turner even without the astonishing, totally unexpected, finale; I really did not see that coming.
You have a tremendous way with words. …  Continues on the blogs for my ocean adventuring book, Sailing to Purgatory, at


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