Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Wednesday waistband woes

I was enduring a mental reprimand for overdoing it at breakfast today. Porridge, recommended as the best of food to start a day, had been on the menu. Short on time, I reached for the toaster instead.
Sinner that I must be, two slices of Low GI Dumpy Seeded Whole Wheat brown bread went into the machine.
I ignored any calorie warning and reached instead for a banana - a small banana - for the topping.
I made a mental note. No butter! Definitely not, not that I ever use butter anyway.


I turned to the laptop to code a new verse by brilliant poet Robert Graham, when two Facebook announcements dropped into the inbox in quick succession.
And for the first time since I can't remember when, both Photoshop addresses boasted – so it seemed to me at that moment – the virtues of calorie-overflowing gluttony.
One from Jeanna showed fish and chips covering a dinner plate.
Fish and chips! How self-righteous I felt all of a sudden. And then, as if not to be undone, good friend Chris displayed in his page – I can hardly type the words – pies! Yes, p i e s. Not one, but two.
Thankfully, gratefully, Chris didn't reveal what humble critter had given up its body for such, well, over-the-top feasting. Continues on the blogs for my ocean-travel adventure book, Sailing to Purgatory, at


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