Monday, October 22, 2018

Is murder by the state acceptable?

Strange how politicians can forget some of the basic lessons from early childhood. Copycat has a regular place in a child's vocabulary and the word and its meaning remains popular through most of our lives.
The young in Germany know it as Nachahmer, on a Polish playground as papuga, perhaps Shānzhài in China, and probably imitador in a Spanish setting.
We, our species, are simply brilliant copycats.
How else would we manage to cram so much into our grey matter but for that ability to imitate?

Surprise, shock

When we read of the surprise and shock from politicians that Jamal Khashoggi could be knocked off by government decree (or not) I suspect we have reason to feel at least a little cynical.
When Russia allegedly sent hit men to admire Salisbury Cathedral and do a little poisoning on the side, why did eyebrows raise so archly, and why – if I might be permitted to mention it – was such vitriol offered to our Eastern neighbours?
Where did the Ruskies learn such things? And who inspired the Arabs to have a go, too?
Could it be that lessons were offered for free from the perfect democracy across the Pond? Dare we recall the fate that befell Mr Bin Laden back in May, 2011.
'That's different,' you might argue.
'Is it? Couldn't he have been grabbed and taken back for so-called justice?'

Hiding their scruples

You might respond with, 'But didn't they fear he'd escape?'
'From a squad of highly trained soldiers?'
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