Thursday, September 06, 2018

We’ll risk everything for a turncoat?

There I was mocking the grand story of the traitor who we are led to believe was nearly poisoned by his old boss. But today I'm questioning my reaction. It is too serious for mockery.
I should have looked at the real message in this grossly unfair story.
Isn’t it about the enormous rewards for someone who betrays his country, ignores the promises he has made, overlooks friends and family left behind, and sells out to one of his own country’s dearest enemies?
What sort of message does the State’s support of this unconscionable fellow pass on to our own young people?

Act the Judas

Act the Judas and in return you too might be able to retire early, enjoy the good life in your new home, and if it’s like this turncoat, a life that is seemingly very much better than honest principled people all around you.
And when some former friend tries to give you your just desserts, your new hosts – your former enemy - threatens to provoke major trouble at the very least with a world super-power. On the plus side, though, it is handing the media some other story than the endless bickering over Brexit, it is offering another face on the morning’s tabloids than the lady seemingly in charge.
One other point ought to be made in view of the international furore being stirred over the just desserts the quisling nearly received.

Photos of this fifth columnist

If you have a moment, please take a look at the photos in the media of this fifth columnist. Look and see if you can still believe that this complacent fat fellow actually resembles someone who would have been entrusted with great state secrets?
You might be forgiven – we all might be forgiven – for wondering if someone like this deserves to have been given the good life on a plate, never to have to work again, live in a very smart address, be much better off than the neighbours who go out to work every day.
Isn’t it fair to say that the former spy deserves as much respect as his betrayed country would have for him?
Living the luxury life – as the photos hint – isn’t he more likely to have been picked on by someone, an individual, with a real grudge for being betrayed, too.
Given the likely background of a professional traitor, that possibility can’t really be so much of a surprise.
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