Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Steamed up about vaping

Standing in a bus queue, someone near you lights up and seems unconcerned about the nicotine fog that starts to encircle aspiring passengers.
If you are a reformed smoker, you know the situation and may well temper displeasure with the
thought that as soon as the bus arrives, he (or she) will have to ditch their very pricey vice.
At the same time, stifling a cough, you are very aware that it’s your lungs suddenly under attack.
You don’t smoke. Why should you suffer the risk? What should you do?

Keeping the lungs safe

Swamp the cigarette with a squirt from a water pistol you keep handy for moments like this?
Get aggressive? For me, I prefer to walk away, get out of the smoke, even though it loses my place in the queue. At least the lungs are safe. But it is a problem.
And it’s a problem that does seem to be fading as increasing numbers realise the risks.
The ever-increasing price, too, works its magic, at least among the wise.
I mentioned the other day the increasing number of vaping shops opening now. And even worse, we have some medics encouraging smokers to try to answer their smoking craze with vaping.
For we in the bus queue, the notion of being suffocated with nicotine-tainted steam, the news is not really much encouragement.

As popular as smoking?

To the question then that prompted these few blogs on the subject: Is vaping likely to become as popular as smoking used to be?
Hopefully I won’t have to swallow these words one day, but I say …  Continues on the blogs for my ocean travel and adventure  book, Sailing to Purgatory, at


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