Tuesday, July 10, 2018

It's spam bait that gives the scam away

People get caught out by extraordinary offers that arrive in spam folders, but it is hard to believe that people could really be so gullible. And yet, we are told, they are.

‘Scams are designed to trick you into disclosing information that will lead to defrauding you or stealing your identity,’ says a police website.
Strange porn offerings
‘Examples of email scams include emails offering financial, physical or emotional benefits, which are in reality linked to a wide variety of frauds.
'These include emails posing as being from ‘trusted’ sources such as your bank, the Inland Revenue …
'They ask you to click on a link and then disclose personal information.’
Apart from very strange porn offerings, the most common offerings that arrive in my spam folders are incredible offerings of vast sums of money about to come my way, if only I will get in touch.
Nigerians seem to be keen spamsters, and yet their temptings remain unbelievably unbelievable. Take this one which arrived on the 8th. Apologies if you were a lucky recipient, too, and doubly apologies if like me you care about the English language. … Continues on the blogs for my ocean adventure book, Sailing to Purgatory, at SailingToPurgatory.com


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