Tuesday, May 05, 2020

The way to persuade a Prime Minister

Lockdown voters might be wondering about the fellow they put in office a little too enthusiastically perhaps, but a book from across the Pond shows that
even the revered can have strong views changed with a little help from, well, from their friends.
In WW2, which has its VE day on Friday, Britain had a tubby fellow in charge, too, who had also experienced top schools.
Our present fellow seems to be guided by a rather humourless shadow.
But it’s most likely that Churchill had a similar one breathing down his neck, too.

 Strong views

 A book, Soldier and Statesman, by Ed Cray, shows there are ways around a leader's ultra-strong views.
The book reveals that Churchill decided - perhaps was persuaded - to change his rep in the US, Sir John Dill. That certainly didn't please the vital allies across the Atlantic.
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