Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Cartoonist Peter sums up Brexit - and how!

It’s not often – if ever – that a right wing paper excites me, but what pleasure to see Peter Brookes’ cartoon in the online version of the Times newspaper today! Peter Brookes for knighthood! Peter Brookes for president!
He sums up the nonsense of Brexit so brilliantly. To get the electorate to vote against a united
Europe, two utter bounders from public school life handed out extravagant nonsense to the public.
The writing on the bus and the nonsense spieled out about the savings! Who would have imagined for a moment a comparatively well treated public would swallow it?

Slimmest majority

But did they, and to the surprise of the actual majority, the vote's slimmest majority revealed their gullibility.
I asked a few proud of their anti-vote, ‘Why?’ The most common response – even more than the nonsense dished up by the supposedly best educated, was the ‘huge’ increase of EU people living here now – ‘taking our jobs’, contributing to the housing shortage, bringing strange perhaps dangerous faiths into UK society.
‘Which ones?’ I wondered, for the changing shape and shade of Londoners has been constant through the 47 years since I returned. And apart from height, how would you tell a Pole from a Plymouth-born and bred parishioner?

Probably refugees

Fingers pointed to relative strangers on the street, people very obviously not from Europe, but from much further East, and probably refugees.
I’ve mentioned before the odd little ruse of the government’s anti-press posse to smoke-screen by hitting out at the gropers in the house, and elsewhere, while ignoring the way both, all, genders dress these days. It’s smart and snappy and very form-fitting.
Not long ago Nature might have encouraged us to wonder about equipment kept well-hidden over the centuries.
There are no secrets these days – the shape of everything is there for all to see.
And if you admire what you see, as humans have done since the Garden of Eden, can we really be blamed if excitement prompts some to gasp, perhaps to touch? Nothing new about that.

Best of British humour

The ploys continue in the attempt to divert attention from the botched handling of an exit from Europe. But talented Peter Brookes has revealed the nonsense with the best of British humour.
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