Monday, February 25, 2008

And it did happen, and I breathed the different air, and settled down to establishing a new business from the trade I had learned during the dark times. It left no time for Christmas nor sadly for being festive with friends who stood by me during the awful time and ignored the state's demonising. However, once the small business begins to flourish, I'll be able to treat them instead of the way it has been in recent years.

A most notable happening came with this month. I was able to meet up with my daughter after the very long absence. And she said that she had received all of my Sunday letters and all the serialised chapters of the junior sci-fi story that went on till her 16th birthday, when I thought she might be getting too big for such things.

We walked together in a primavera sun in Cambridge and it meant more than watching Cape Horn slip passed, more wonderful than reaching St Helena in the drifting open boat, and more important than being rescued from the liferaft. No certain future was promised from the meeting - but then life promises nothing either.

Quite a few sites have made their appearance on the web since I began, including ...

My judgemental view
Rescue trees
Rib racing

- to name some that are important to me. These recent additions to the net are in the process of being constructed and/or search engine optimised.

Of course, the high school site remains a most important part of the stable because I like to think that a lot of good is being done in that very deprived junior campus. - Willowfield School

I will be back soon to bring the blog up to date.