Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Merry Chrissy

I really look forward to my first Christmas out there when I can choose cards and send what I want to whomsoever I chose, and not to have the addresses noted in some suspect way.

I enjoyed a foretaste of that Yuletide dream this year, with the new D status, of course. I bought heaps of cards, collected together names and addresses of those I wanted to send to.

And I started to keep a record of the cards coming in, to make sure that anyone kind enough to remember me would be sure to receive one in return. Then, at some uncertain time, I must have included the lists and the addresses with some things to be discarded.

So before my Christmas mail posting schedule was even a quarter of the way through, suddenly I no longer knew who I had still to post cards to, nor who I had actually sent cards to.

Some friends and family may well have double cards from me this winter, and some none.

In an attempt to make amends, here's the list of those wonderful people who kindly sent cards. The cards and the kindness of remembering me at such a hectic time of year is appreciated very much. And bearing the burden of being a Capricorn, I include those very thoughtful souls who remembered that worrying day separately. The names are shown alphabetically.

Christmas 2006
Aunty Lynn
Bob and family
David Wills
Gavin and Nicki and gals Howes
Genny and Johnny
Gerry and Pat
Howard League
Ian K
Ian Parr
Irene and Eddie
Jeff Gough
Joseph McShane
Julie and Katelin
Katelin (Power Point document)
Marilyn and Paul
Mark Zoe Tristan
Melanie and Marie-Helene
Miss P
Monica Dillon
Nick (Dom Nicholas)
Paddy Vitlacyl
Richard and Jane
Roger Gordon
Ron and Joan
Sister Teresa
Sue and David
Willowfield School

Aunty Lyn
Gerry and Pat
Marilyn and Paul
Sue and David

Of course, this being (I think) 2007, there were a lot of people who sent greetings by email. I hadn't included them here because this list is really to say thank you to those I may well not have done the intended thing with a Christmas card. There were a lot of good people who emailed, and thank you enormously. Let me mention one in particular, Chris Binnington, who came to the trial and gave expert testimony and did it so well that the judge described him as one of the best expert witnesses he had known. Many thanks, Chris, for that and for the greetings, and for the news of Sandy.